We make models for the ideas that drive the world forward

Industry-leading models, prototypes and tools in metal, plastic and wood since 1975

JMT combines traditional craftsmanship with modern engineering to create solutions that meet the toughest demands in the industry.

Ulf Wilhelmsson, VD

In close collaboration with Sweden’s leading foundries and industries, we have been manufacturing models, prototypes and tools since 1975. Here in Bankeryd, just outside Jönköping in Sweden, we combine traditional knowledge with modern engineering to create models and prototypes that realise concepts and designs for ideas that drive the world forward.

Ulf Wilhelmsson på Jobro

Unique VARIETY of models and machinery

As specialists in model manufacturing, we meet the strictest requirements of the aerospace and automotive industries. As partners, we play an important role in the development of new ideas with our ability to quickly manufacture physical verifications of parts, designs and concepts. Thanks to a high technical capacity, we can also meet both small and larger machining needs – from pressing to advanced 3D milling on complex materials and surfaces.


Since 1975, we have been a natural part of our customers’ product development, from idea to finished product. A responsibility that gives you both greater security and greater profitability.


Shorter lead times have been part of our business concept for over 40 years. We specifically designed our production and manufacturing to meet varying needs with a high degree of flexibility.


Our customer relationships span decades. We see this as proof that our way of working, forging closer collaborations, creates long-term benefits.

We bring your ideas to life – ACROSS all materials

Most of our assignments span decades. But we regularly take on new assignments, on both a small and large scale – from 3D visualisation to pure machining that helps you bring your ideas to life – in all materials.

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